John Adams Afternoon Commute w/ Adam Miller (Hoax Busters Call)

Posted: August 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

John and I(Chris)have a rather enlightening discussion with Adam Miller about his article, “The Human body in relation to the Heterotopia”

  1. Tenor says:

    Interesting discussion – I’m still listening but am moved to comment about two references near the beginning, Game of Thrones & rewriting history to make changes in present. Oddly, in the latest season of GoT, a gifted psychic lad develops the power to actually be in the past (invisibly) and yet manage to communicate with its actors and change their behavior with the motive of changing his present.

    If you wish to share this with the Hoaxbusters, please do as I first went there to comment but didn’t want to log in via the available options.

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